Do You Know Popping Pimples Can Kill You?

Pimples are a sign that you are developing acne or another skin condition. It can also be because you have an oily face, a bacterial infection, or too much dirt on your face. It is very common in teenagers. Not the best idea you had. This is because it aggravates your situation and leaves scars. That may sound like a lot to you.

But theoretically, it’s true. Now many dermatologists are suggesting that you should stop popping blackheads, especially in the corner area of ​​the frame that joins the nose. This is the area where blood vessels connect to your skull. And if you pop pimples in this area, you could get an infection. If a deadly infection develops there and is left untreated, the blood vessels and skull become affected, which can lead to death.

Dermatologists suggest that you shouldn’t pop a pimple on your own. You probably won’t be able to get all the stuff out. However, if you put pressure on your pimple, pus is sure to come out. Infected material, which will become a problem for you later. When you pop a pimple, you release pus contained in acne oil, debris and bacteria. And to pop the pimple, you have to keep touching your face. Develop more and more pimples.

At the same time, you don’t know the correct process for popping pimples, so you will most likely spread infection and inflammation. Popping pimples requires force or pressure. Now, when you squeeze a pimple or use force, you are actually pushing the pus deeper into your skin. And that will not be good for you. Remarkable and covered the surroundings of the ancient crops. It’s the most important factor and why dermatologists suggest not popping pimples.

If you blast them, you’ll get scars on your face. Most scars will fade over time, within a month to a year. However, some scars remain permanently on your face. And if you want to get rid of them, you will have to undergo laser surgery. Cause you to develop bites. Well, the dimples are indented scars that appear on your face when you pop pimples and lose tissue in the process.

These are long-term scars that are difficult to hide with beauty products. Popping a pimple is not, and never has, been a good thing. Dermatologists strongly advise against popping pimples as it has dangerous consequences.

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